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Perry Mardon is at the forefront in his field for motivational training and awakening. Perry is dedicated to help people transform their own lives on a business, personal and spiritual level.

I met Perry when I was living in Northern New South Wales, Australia back in 2006 and attended his transformational Odyssey workshop.

I am very honoured and happy to present to you this interview with Perry Mardon.

Leslie: I have heard you have had an interesting past. Can you tell us a little about your background?

Perry:Due to things that I experienced as a young person I grew up with a lot of aggressive and violent tendencies, extremely low self-esteem, self-destructive behaviours and the inability to have quality relationships. At the age of 18 I was in a remand center doing rehabilitation for violent offenders and people deemed a threat to society as a result of my violence.

Like a lot of people in this kind of place emotionally – you actually don’t want to behave the way you do, feel how you feel, think what you think, but it’s all you know. No one really talked about personal transformation and I knew of no good models (that I knew of) for dealing with ones emotions, beliefs and behaviours.

Fortunately I met someone who was became a catalyst to me changing my behaviours and entering a form of inner work that literally saved my life. His name was Eddie and he was 50 at the time (I was 19 at that stage). Eddie was the first person that I had met that was non judgmental and totally accepting of me. His ‘accepting energy’ opened me up to a different way of being and seeing the world.

Eddie was a South Island sheep farmer in New Zealand, very manly and of the land, but he was also a walking contradiction – he was also a surfer, Buddhist and he had a 20-year-old girlfriend that he truly loved tenderly (not because she was an attractive young thing) – and he was good friend with her father. He was obviously very outside of the box for rural, small town, New Zealand.

Eddie introduced me to new ways of thinking and opened me up to working with witness awareness (what is now called mindfulness) and working with the patterns of the psyche via Buddhist psychotherapy, psychosynthesis and finally sub-personality work.

Because I was so emotionally thwarted and troubled I probably worked far harder than most with the tools I was given. I was a sincere student of the approach to inner work and because of it – I was able to change my life and my personality almost completely – as my wife and family will attest. This approach to inner work is all encompassing and something I use to this day. Who doesn’t want to be conscious and able to transform themselves when required?

Leslie: When I met you in 2006 you were running motivational groups in the Gold Coast, Australia with great success. What are you doing these days?

Perry: I still run a lot of trainings in the work I was taught. It is my passion to pass this on, it’s my life path to teach this work and something I am very good at. These trainings encompass identifying purpose, personal transformation, relationships and the heart etc. As a result of my inner work my intuition opened up very strongly so I can help people to see what they can’t see for themselves – YET.

I also spend many hours a week as a business consultant and advisor, business owner and equity partner in several Australian businesses, and I run several business mentoring groups. I love business as a vehicle to freedom. As a surfer all I ever wanted to do was surf – and business allowed me to get out of the 9 to 5 grind and have personal freedom and the money to do fun things – so I like to help others do the same.

Even in my work with businesses and business owners one of my approaches is all about getting clear about the patterns we bring to business. About getting clear about who we are and what we are here to do. It’s as important as strategy.

Leslie: What do you think is the most important skill a person can learn in a lifetime to achieve their goals and reach true inner fulfillment?

Perry: I can’t just stick to one skill, so I have listed 6. # 4 being HIGHLY important.

  1. Learn to observe your personality on a moment-to-moment basis from the position of the observer (you are not the personality – therefore you have control over it).
  2. Learn to tell yourself the truth about your personality and behaviour – even when, what you are ‘owning’, is abhorrent to your ‘mask’ self (Your sense of who you should be to be acceptable to yourself, your idea of what God wants or others). This ends denial and allows you to start working on what needs transforming.
  3. Learn to investigate the truth of all belief structures – even those that are sacred to you,
  4. Learn to open up the heart center and connect with compassion, kindness, forgiveness, wisdom, gentleness, empathy, and respect etc Bring this to yourself first and then others.
  5. Learn how to work with your conscious and unconscious archetypes  / sub personality makeup so you are able to transform counterproductive behaviours and patterns through the heart center. Working with these patterns on a regular basis changes the neural path ways and emotional responses to life.
  6. Learn to work out what purpose and hearts path is (rather than the path you have been sold by others) and become fiercely dedicated to living YOUR path.

Leslie: Who is the person that inspires you the most today and why?

Perry: My wife Ann Maree is the person that inspires me the most in so many ways. She inspires me to try and be a good man, a good father and a good husband. Ann Maree is very loving (and strong) and embodies so much of what is great about the feminine spirit.

She has been a great mother to my children and has been very supportive of me. To be honest I am inspired by more woman than men. I am inspired by the ladies that work for me, Georgina and Paula – good hearted people, my sister in law who has had a hard life but keeps on loving and supporting people who are sick and struggling.

I don’t really have the normal male role models – maybe that says something about my psyche – but I just think a woman’s ability to love and serve is more inspiring to me than someone who runs the biggest business, or climbed the highest mountain, or who wins the race – and I am a sports nut so that is saying something.

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