Appointment Info


    For all booking inquiries and to schedule your appointment text Leslie:

    +1 424 382 9351


    Leslie offers phone readings, zoom meetings, and live chat wherever you live in the world.


    The calendar will adjust to your time zone.



    You will receive an email confirming your appointment time and date after payment.

    You will also receive a reminder one hour before the appointment time.



    Prices USD:


    1 hr Tarot Reading on Zoom $260.00

    30 min Tarot Reading on Zoom $130.00

    1 hr Phone Reading $240.00

    30 min Phone Tarot Reading $120.00

    15 min Phone Tarot Reading $60.00

    1 hr Live Text TarotReadinng $240.00

    30 min Live Text Tarot Reading $120.00

    15 min Live Text Tarot Reading $50.00

    3 questions - $40 (recorded reading)




    Venmo: Leslie-Franklin-5
    Zelle: +1 424 382 9351
    Paypal: lesliefranklinlcf@gmail.com
    Payments with credit or debit cards are accepted.


    I accept payment in Bitcoin: 3HUZ51fHq5BPy1nWCQmMKmbVgDhYmQdfo6