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    Leslie Franklin was our resident tarot reader at our restaurant ,Biku, in Bali for 3 years. She was one of our most popular readers and many of our guests requested her specifically due to her excellent, intuitive tarot readings. Leslie's readings are genuine and insightful , and she provides guidance for her clients through the card readings. We still have people requesting Leslie and they are very disappointed to hear she is no longer reading tarot cards at Biku. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leslie's tarot readings to anyone seeking clarification or guidance in their lives. She is warm, caring and intuitive….what more could you ask for!

    I am very skeptical of psychics and tarot readings but I just came through a very hard time point in my life and nothing was providing me the guidance that I needed. I first heard of Leslie from Tumblr and I've heard nothing but positive reviews and experiences, so I decided to give it a try as I had nothing to lose from this. Leslie is truly an incredible person! She knew nothing of me apart from my location yet she told me things that only I would know and she guessed the hardships that I was facing. Leslie was so kind, comforting and warm that I felt like she truly understood me as a person despite never having met me. The reading bought me so much clarity and peace of mind that I now have the motivation to make positive changes for myself. I will most definitely book a longer session next time and if you are a skeptic, I say give it a go!

    Weizen B. - New York, USA

    I had my first 60 minute reading with Leslie last month. The reading greatly exceeded my expectations. In the past 30 years, I have worked with a number of energy healers and psychics. Leslie is the best psychic I ever worked with. I was very impressed by Leslie's psychic ability. She accurately identified my issues from the very beginning of the reading, and offered sound advice. Leslie is undoubtedly a powerful psychic. Further more, she is a compassionate and caring person. She does not give you sugar-coated talks, yet she takes care to deliver the truth in a gentle and caring way. Her calming and beautiful voice, like soothing balm on wounds, comforts and heals you. I was so impressed by her after the first reading that I had a new year forecast reading with her this week. Again, she was very accurate in identifying my issues and offered her wisdom. I was emotional going into both readings. After each reading, I was calm and reassured. Leslie is a unique Tarot reader with tremendous psychic power as well as compassion, love and care for her clients. She talks to you in such a caring way that you feel like you are chatting with your best friend. Whether you are in a journey of self-discovery, contemplating changes in your career or relationship, identifying health issues, or seeking clarity for your future path, a reading with Leslie will be a highly valuable and rewarding experience.


    Mairhead J.

    Glasgow, U.K.

    My reading with Leslie was extremely warm and enlightening. I really appreciated how it made me think and didn't just tell me what I wanted to hear but more what I really needed to hear. It comes across even in a recording what a kind soul Leslie is and this love that she radiates is so healing and inspiring. Above all, the reading felt genuine and honest, a truth that was delivered delicately and full of compassion. It left me feeling comforted but also taught and directed me to have love and compassion for myself which I can see now is what I should be focusing on. Hopefully I will be able to purchase a longer reading in the future and I highly recommend Leslie to everyone and anyone!

    Karlene N.

    Ajax, Canada

    This was the first Tarot reading and Leslie made it a great experience. She was very kind and comforting so I never felt rushed at all. It was a free reading so I know she didn't have to do all that she did, but she sent me a picture of my spread and a few extra minutes. She went into real depth with each and every card and helped me find some clarity. If you're scared of being vulnerable during a reading I'd highly recommend Leslie because she creates such a safe space.

    I had an incredible reading with Leslie. I asked her about my academic future and she told me many wonderful and positive things about that, but she also told me I will have a new relationship this year, and gave me several physical details about the person. I was quite intrigued and impressed. Her comforting words and empathetic manner put me at ease about this coming year. I feel confident and empowered from what she told me about myself; she pointed out things I already struggle with and reassured me that I will be able to cope with them. She pulled an Oracle Card in the beginning that encouraged me to reduce my material possessions; at first I was skeptical of this because I had just finished a big cleaning and minimizing project, but I looked through my closet again and realized I have a lot more stuff I should still get rid of. Overall the reading helped me focus my goals, gain confidence, and reexamine my life in ways I wouldn't have thought of without her. I highly recommend her business.

    Leslie is such a blessing, I just had my second reading with her and I've never been happier to hear from someone! Her words guide you onto the path you've been destined to go on! She is so kind and funny too makes it feel more comforting! I suggest everyone to book a reading with her. You won't be disappointed 🙂

    Roshell Chambers


    One of the best decisions I made in life. It was very eye-opening and I felt centred at the end of the reading. She was so calming and accurate too. I have full confidence in my next steps in life because of Leslie <3



    Leslie was very kind and easy to talk to, and she was straight to the point about what areas of my life she was picking up on. It is clear she has a gift and I now have a clear direction in life and am very happy about where I'm headed. Thank you so much Leslie, I will definitely recommend! 🙂

    Amanda Hannibal


    I heard lots of good things about Leslie and I was not disappointed! The proof is in the pudding, she truly has a gift. I was given the guidance I needed and she told me things I haven't told anyone before. She's diabetes sweet and I will definitely be getting another reading within a year 😀

    Courtney Alexander


    Leslie is literally one of the most calming spirits I’ve ever met. She is exceptionally intuitive and answered majority of my questions before I could even ask them! She told me what I needed to hear in a way that didn’t sting. Instead, it gave me motivation to progress more confidently on my journey. I will not only be recommending her to everyone I know, but I honestly will be going to Leslie exclusively! Such a warm heart.

    Courtney Alexander


    Roxana B.

    Sylmar, CA

    Leslie is really a beautiful soul, throughout the reading she fills you with hope and gives you a feeling of comfort not matched by many. I've had two readings with her so far and each one has given me a peace of mind and guided me to the right path. Anyone should be so lucky to receive a reading from Leslie, as she is doing something truly incredible

    Roxana B.

    Sylmar, CA

    Marissa McGovern


    Leslie was amazing. I was so moved by how intuitive she is, everything was so spot on when it came to present topics. She gave me so much clarity on what's to come, it really released a lot of my worries and stress. I told my son about what she had mentioned about him and he booked his appointment for this week. I will definitely continue to recommend her to others around me.

    N.G. T


    I’m so glad that Leslie read my first tarot reading, ever. The hour before and going into it, as soon as I answered her call, I felt very nervous. My hands were actually shaking lol. I didn’t know what to expect or to say, so I opted for a blind reading which is just Leslie reading the cards and telling me about them, and how they fit into my life. But Leslie reassured me in the beginning that this is nothing to be afraid of, and after she said a prayer (which is optional) I felt more at ease. I listened to what she had to say more than talked. It was amazing to hear how even the little things that I hadn’t told anyone were brought up. Some things that were said I had inklings about and it gave me a sense of relief for her to repeat the things I’ve been feeling — and also afraid of experiencing. It was all positive, even when she told me things I needed to hear. Leslie never made me feel bad or unsafe during our session. She has a very calming presence and also made me laugh a few times, which helped my nerves tremendously. The only thing I’d go back and redo is going in with questions and having the bravery to ask them because it is only you and Leslie talking. I will definitely be booking with Leslie again in the future. Thank you so, so, so much for the reading!!!

    I've had the pleasure of a few readings with Leslie now, and I look forward to maaaany more! Leslie is a genuinely KIND, loving human being whose goal is to help and heal. To offer guidance and hope.... She radiates this beautiful, calming, maternal, warm energy- She makes you feel so comfortable, like you're talking to an old friend. I trust Leslie entirely, every time we speak, I'm left in utter shock by the way she just... Knows things. Things I've never said aloud/ spoken to anyone about, leslie has picked up on and seen in the cards. She's incredible. I'm telling you, this woman has a true, honest to goodness GIFT. I've never met anyone so intuitive and spiritually in-tune... She is very honest, which is immensely appreciated and hard to come by. If Leslie sees something not so ideal in the cards, she will tell you, but at the same time, she'll steer you through the potential issue at hand with pure wisdom and love. if you're looking for spiritual healing, I truly urge you to have a reading with this incomparably talented and wise soul. I come out of every reading with my heart completely soothed and my soul replenished / enlightened. Her guidance, predictions, and immense care have helped me emerge through some truly hard times, triumphant and empowered. Trust leslie, she's beautiful in every sense of the word, and she has your back.

    My first reading ever and I was literally tearing up as Leslie was reading me. I did the 30 mins reading and I wish I did the 60mins one. She's very kind and even her voice is just really soothing. She really wants the best for you and she will tell you how to shift your energy into something positive. Thank you so, so much, Leslie, and I'll definitely be back for another reading soon.


    Loved it! Cried like a baby. Now feel like I have so much more clarity going forward. Simple and straight to the point. An unforgettable experience honestly

    Crystal M.

    Los Angeles, CA

    I cannot say enough amazing things about this truly, talented, and gifted women. Her readings regarding all the questions I have asked have always presented themselves to me in the future! Because of her accuracy, today was my 3rd time going back to Leslie for clarity and guidance (which was achieved) over a very touching matter. I now feel at ease and I'm looking forward to what is ahead in my path.

    Leslie was completely spot on with my reading! Honestly she has one of the most beautiful and approachable personalities ever and is so sweet. I was amazed at her ability to channel the reading despite being across the entire world from her (in Aus). If you ever get a chance to get a reading from her- don't hesitate, do it!! I know I'll be back!

    Wow! Leslie is amazingly gifted! She answered all of my questions and was on exactly on point. She took her time and picked up on finite details of what is going on in my life and even who I am as a person. She also provided sound and beautiful advice that touched my heart. Thank you, Leslie, I'm grateful to have found you.