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Emotions – the only way out is through


Let’s look at our emotions. Emotions are the indicators that we are feeling beings. We go through a whole spectrum of emotions in a lifetime and everyday of our lives.

The pain of experiencing being born, squeezing through the birth canal and crying for the comfort of our mother’s breast; the first time we fell over as a child and grazed our knee; the first crush we had on someone we secretly liked; our first heartache; a good old belly laugh with old friends; the pain of dealing with a break-up or a death of a loved one – the list of emotions go on and on.

Then there are more subtle emotions that arise (we think) for no reason at all – depression, apathy, indifference, frustration, insecurities. Our society is very supportive of anything on a happy emotive scale but say a person is unhappy or depressed and lethargic, the medical and institutional world seems hell bent on thinking this is not natural and we need to fix it. So slowly we create the belief and it becomes engrained in us, that being sad or depressed is wrong and not natural. This in turn leads to a Catch 22 situation. We repress what the emotions we feel. This repression leading to creating an external polarity which in turn means the feeling becomes suppressed and subconsciously not allowed to naturally arise and go therefore creating more feelings of that feeling which has been denied. It must be suppressed with medication and what is worse, with an internal judgement – that what I am feeling is wrong or bad, that there is something wrong in me. We own a full spectrum of emotions within ourselves. Imagine if happiness was an emotion that was deemed wrong or bad. Why is one emotion judged as acceptable and another not in society? Because one feels GOOD and the other feels BAD.

Yet it is through allowing ALL emotions to run through our system that we become strong and whole. If the whole world is designed to avoid pain, we are just breeding a race of weaklings. (meanwhile the drug companies are becoming powerful and rich I am not going to start about that today!)

All emotions are indicators of how you feel. Let them come through you without judgement…they are there for many reasons yet it is only by experiencing them that we become strong and complete and compassionate. The only way out is through.