• Leslie Anne Franklin

    Inspirational Tarot Reader

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    I am a professional inspirational tarot reader with over 35 years experience in reading tarot cards.

    My true intention is to help you to be happy, joyous, abundant and free from all the blocks that can hinder your own personal power.

    My clients are spread worldwide and come from all walks of life.

    Many tell me they have found answers, direction, motivation, relief, peace and clarity from their reading.


    I am sensitive to differing cultures and status, and LGBT friendly.

    My no-nonsense and practical manner is not lofty nor attempting to be spiritually elite.

    I see my client as my friend and as another fellow human being trying to make his or her way through life, just like me.


    I can answer any questions you may have about love, finance, family, career, choices, stagnancy, confusion, anxiety, depression, etc.

    I genuinely care about my clients' lives and choices.

    The purpose of your reading is for you to find your own truth and strength.

    Together we will explore the best avenues to take, so you make the best decisions for your own well-being.


    I also have had a plethora of personal life experiences which helps me to easily understand and empathize with your current situation.


    Whatever you may be going through, I hold no judgement.

    We are all on this planet Earth to learn and to grow.

    If I can assist you on your path for a moment of your life,

    I see that as a great honor and privilege.

    Thank you.



    For all enquiries please contact Leslie directly

    PO BOX 1919
    CA, 92314
    MON- FRI: 10:00 AM - 7.00 PM
    SAT: 11.00 AM - 3:00 PM
    +1 424-382-9351