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Connecting to ourselves through the Moon

Becoming one with nature aligns you to your own inner nature.
In our busy schedules we sometimes forget to look up to the moon. To check if it’s waxing or waning. Forgetting to see it’s shining beauty. When we see the moon we are reminded that there is a higher purpose to life. We see in a sense how small we are and at the same time how significant we are.

And here we are worrying about love, what happened, the endless dramas, bills and basic survival. There is something much greater out there than we can ever fathom. Or is it inside? Ask yourself this question.

Life is a celebration.

Nature celebrates all the time just being itself. Why can’t we? Even just for a few moments a day. Just STOP and BE!
Take a few moments to look up at the majestic moon. Open your arms wide to the moons giving energy or sit with your back against a big tree on a full moon night and breathe. Let the moon realign your inner self with that of nature. Let nature show you how necessary you are. Let nature breathe it’s healing powers into you.


The Balinese are right on track in their day to day lives with the natural calender of the moon. Simple rituals on Full Moon and Black Moon take precedence over any business time schedules. Everything stops on Full Moon and Black Moon…this is the time when the Balinese spend hours making flower offerings and they gather in the temples to pay devotions to nature’s energies in which we have no control over.
In Bali we prayed for peace for all the planet on every new moon and full moon.
What would happen in the whole of Wall St. stopped in devotion to the moon twice a month? I wonder.

I wrote this a while back:

I captured the moonlight

streaming thru the door

I blew out the candle

of the world I knew before

I threw away knowledge

I threw away striving to be

and ran out to find

the glistening sea

It was there I found beauty

It was there I found love

O joyous moon

O twinkling star

O space eternal

in me

as above