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Our Ability to help others

The past few months has been particularly trying for many people I have read tarot for, as for myself. I have heard about accidents, suicides and those with cancer. Many sensitive people are feeling confused and disorientated.

Last month I almost lost my own mother. Having already been two months in a local hospital being treated for pneumonitis, she was then rushed to a larger hospital and put on life support for two weeks. The period was intense and yet in a sense beautiful as well, as many of the estranged members of the family came together and joined as a united family again. Friends from around the world showed their care.

In this period of time where life might be taken from my own mother, I was called to resort to my own spiritual strength. The doctors were wonderful however not very hopeful my mother would pull through. As she lay in this sterile ward with no nature around her, only very sick people I needed to find a way to uplift my mothers energy. I basically tried everything. I prayed to Jesus, Buddha, Allah, Krsna, Yogananda and Bhagavan. I chanted holy names around her, I said Hail Mary’s and Our Fathers. I practiced craniosacral therapy on her. I lit candles at home. I didn’t know which way the pendulum would swing for her. She was either going to make it or pass and if she was going to pass I wanted her to be in the best position spiritually as possible.

Certain members of my family were sure that she was not coming home and were basically starting to already arrange her funeral. I realised that you had a choice in these times. To dive into the sadness and melancholy and lose hope or to believe the miracle is happening. I realised that I had to believe this miracle was happening right now. There could be no deviation.

I practiced the Tibetan Buddhist Phowa healing technique which can be used for the sick, the dying. This particular healing is very powerful to assist those who have died by suicide and can be performed by any friend or family member or even upon those whom you have never met. This is how Phowa is performed: One imagines the person with a beautiful loving powerful deity in front of them or someone who the person would consider to be loving healing and all powerful. It might be Jesus, Buddha, Krsna or a guru. In this technique you imagine the person who you know connecting from the heart and shining light towards this deity or guru. The deity or guru will then be smiling at this person and embracing the light and in turn shining His light to your friend. The two lights will become one merging light. Then see your friend dissolving into that light, into that loving energy. This technique will help the spirit of your friend to be released into loving arms and cleanse it of all negativity.

The technique can be also performed for yourself.

We all have the power to help others with our love and good intentions. My mother has a strong spirit and the Divine decided that she will stay a while longer. It was truly a miracle. I am eternally grateful to Spirit that I have a little more time left with my dear mother. I am also grateful this trying time gave me the gift of ritual which is so important. Never ever think that you are powerless to help the sick and dying. I am not saying that I healed my Mum. Not at all but we have the ability to shift energies. Just as you can walk into a room and feel the energy there if somebody just had a fight and then you can light a candle and play some nice music and change the feeling in the room. A dying person can feel the energy of goodness sent towards them, while being surrounded by sickness. In the end the Divine rules but we are all sparks of the Divine and have our own healing powers to help others within us.