• Legal Disclaimer

    Legal Disclaimer

    1. If you request or schedule an appointment with Leslie Anne Franklin (here after known as 'LAF') or pay for her services to read tarot for you, you are confirming that you have read this disclaimer and terms of service.

    2. You also agree that you understand and willingly enter into & agree with the following:
    3. You are 18 years of age or older.
    4. Any or all information from any or all consultations & tarot readings with LAF on phone, Skype, Facetime or in person or via this website is for spiritual, educational, inspirational & entertainment purposes only and in not intended to, nor should it ever take the place of any legal, psychological, financial, marital counsel, relationship counsel, medical or any other professional advice.
    5. LAF does not provide medical diagnosis, treatment or therapy of any kind;nor does she give psychological or legal advice. LAF does not claim to be any expert in business management or investments or financial planning.
    6. LAF does not address the subject of death or pregnancy dates.
    7. LAF will not accept responsibility for any decisions or actions made by her clients based on the tarot reading or consultation received with her or based on the information presented in this website.
    8. LAF is not responsible for any choices and actions her clients make after the reading. The client is responsible for his or her own actions based on free will and the ability to think and choose for oneself.
    9. The client agrees to hold LAF blameless and agrees to absolutely indemnify her, her business, her practice and website from any and all possible losses, liabilities 7/or damages that may arise from the use of her services and any or all communications with her.
    10. LAF is an experienced and gifted tarot reader but a consultation or tarot reading with her can never be 100% accurate. You are aware that any psychic or tarot reader claiming 100% accuracy is dishonest. You understand that your own free will, choices and decisions and the natural course of life can alter a human beings path, no matter what is told to you. All predictions foreseen can be changed, altered or prevented.
    11. All payments must be received by LAF in full to confirm all appointments. All appointments are prepaid.
    12. A full refund of payments can be obtained due to a life threatening situation or event.
    13. A cancellation 48 hours or more prior to your appointment will receive a 50% refund.
    14, Cancellations less that 12 hours will not be refunded if a reschedule is not made.
    15. LAF genuinely cares and wants to help her clients with her gift yet LAF does not represent that her services will be meeting your requirements, or will be error free, timely, uninterrupted or secure yet she will try to complete the consultation professionally to the best of her abilities.
    16. LAF is not responsible for delays in providing information or for circumstances that might be out of her control.
    17. LAF has the right to refuse to read tarot or consultation to anyone she chooses with no explanation. LAF will refund the money received should this happen to the client.
    18. Any and all correspondence between yourself and LAF is for your personal use only. Copyright laws and confidentiality agreements apply.You agree that any intellectual property you will not share, publish, distribute or display in any way.
    19. You have the right to review LAF on any social media platforms as long as it positively portrays LAF consultation or tarot readings.
    20. You have had the opportunity to ask questions and you fully understand the use of your own free will to enter into this legally binding disclaimer and all stated terms of service.
    21. LAF may refer you to websites or referrals to people and businesses which should not be seen as an approval or endorsement or agreement with the person, business or website. If you are offended by any link to a person, business or website it has no relation to LAF, and she is not liable for it.
    22. Any recordings with LAF are for personal use only & not to be shared.

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