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The Illusion of Death

I lost my mother 6 years ago.

She had a stroke in hospital where she had been a patient the past five months. I crawled into her hospital bed the night she had the stroke knowing she would be passing over soon and cuddled her knowing that this would be the last physical contact I would ever have with her. I lay my head on her chest and was hearing the last heart beats of her life. I felt her warmth, I smelled her skin and breathed in the love we had together.

I was present the moment she passed and a feeling of elation spread through my body. I was surprised at the joy I felt of her not being confined to her frail and sick body. I felt her spirit fly free.

Those that think of this life as being finite and as the only reality, I feel are mistaken. From my own personal experience and understanding, the spirit enters the body to have an earthly experience as a human. At the time of death the spirit exits the body and is free to fly again not confined to the boundaries of flesh. I understand that spirit is eternal and whatever sheath we take on in this life and hereafter is impermanent.

Losing a mother is in particular very hard yet she remains as alive in me as if she was still here. I feel her around me. Being my mother, we are genetically bonded and she will live on in my grandchildren’s children as my ancestors live on in me. Yes, the shell of the woman I could touch and see smile and hear laughing has gone yet I believe we are all here- all of us together who has ever departed. Those who have departed in the physical are still around. Maybe they are far away in other dimensional planes but we are not the body and Spirit never dies.