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Tarot and tempting Fate..

Why do we have to know?

Many people will never touch tarot cards because they feel it’s tempting fate or there is no point to understand the future. That’s ok. That is free will. Yet free will exists in the tarot as well. We have free will to decide our paths in our lives yet there are some who are so conditioned that they are destined to follow the path that society, religion, institutions (i.e.marriage) and culture laid out before them, yet that too is free will.

All of us have a sub-conscience. We are fed millions of signals everyday that are stored deep in the well of that which we cannot see. The way we release pressure from our our unconscious mind is through dreams, imagination, creativity and how we play out our feelings and actions in our day to day lives.

The cards are a way to draw out the deep underlying messages from within the many universes of the subconscious. Yet the mind wants to know more. Why pull one card and not the other? Is it just probability or is it destiny? What makes a person choose the Sun and not the Devil as a card or vice versa. What does it matter? – life is happening anyway.

The tarot cards are like everything in life. They are tools for expression. If we take great care about someone or something in our life it will become our focus of attention. When we humbly focus our attention in pulling cards, we are attempting to understand something that we do not know. It is saying to life, I am open to a mystery or an outcome that I do not know about yet,

It is therefore EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you choose your reader well. Many readers are ego driven. They say negative things and leave you walking away feeling robbed and depressed. I find it criminal to draw negative conclusions and throw them at a client for them to deal with alone. My focus is to CARE for your GROWTH and ASSIST your path to one of HAPPINESS and FREEDOM. The SOUL is always interested in your evolvement. And the interpretation of the cards and my personal responsibility is to act as a bridge from your subconscious mind to your SOUL and help the two to become congruent. It is your freewill to allow yourself to go there or not. The cards are just one of the many beautiful avenues to discover opening and divinity.