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Short Story - Conviction and Destiny

She lay on her bed, legs sprawled looking at the bamboo ceiling. She felt the cool breeze of Bali’s balm brush against her skin. She felt alive and relieved as she thought ‘That’s it. It’s over. No man is going to touch me again. No man is going to hurt me again. I’m done. I’m done with them all. No more suffering. No more pain and besides, I’m hopeless in relationships. They just don’t work for me.”

As she relaxed thinking she was safe and smart she looked out through the large windows at the passing clouds and swaying coconut palms and smiled. “This doesn’t feel like I’m being a coward. I’m empowering myself. I’m going to devote my time to others. I’m not going to make another gourmet meal, dress to impress or give my everything to a man again and yippee I have the whole bed to myself and I can do what I want when I want.”


She opened her eyes and could feel his warmth against her. She melted into his arms that were wrapped around her all night. She felt loved and beautiful. She thought of her past relationships and how they paled in comparison.
As she lay listening to his soft breath sleeping, she thought of that day in Bali when she promised herself loneness and here she was knowing that she never wanted to sleep in a bed without him again. She understood that life and destiny was stronger than any conviction she could conceive.

“Good morning my love” he said as he pulled her closer.
“Good morning my man” and she turned to kiss his lips.